Welcome to The Auto Brokers!
The Auto Brokers consist of 4 friends that met while working in a new car dealership 12 years ago. Those friends are: Bob Bolen, Dayna Wright, Gary Hamilton and Kyle Boyer. The combined auto experience between us is over 60 years. What we’ve all learned through our experience; is that all new car franchises add a lot of unnecessary fees as well as “dealer packs” to all of their trade-in’s and vehicles for sale. Dealer packs can range from $500 to $2,000, typically being on the high end. A dealer pack is strictly profit that goes straight to the dealer principal (owner) and is taken out before the actual “mark-up” or profit made to pay managers, finance, sales people and overhead costs.

Our goal is to provide a pleasurable experience for people that do business with us. We feel that it is NOT necessary to make our customers pay thousands of dollars over the cost of the vehicle. Of course there has to be some profit in order for us to keep our doors open however; we try to keep our prices as minimal as possible. We do not “pack” our vehicles or charge outrageous fees. We want our customers to want to do business with us for as long as we’re around, as well as send their family and friends to see us. Our motto is to always “Under Promise & Over Deliver.”

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